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Nanny NoFlea

Pet CPR/First Aid Certified

Senior Dog Care Trained

Background Check Available

Member of Pet Sitters International
€‹Nanny NoFlea To The Rescue !!! Nanny for your pets
With Nanny NoFlea on the job your dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, ferret, fish or whatever small pet you may have can be safe and happy at home, and you can feel assured your precious critter is taken care of while you are away.  We will come to your home and provide royal care and lots of pampering to your pet, while we do some quick chores for you.  Your pet will be given the specialized care needed based on age and individualized health report provided by you.  If your pet needs medication no problem. Nanny NoFlea is trained to administer medications and shots and is Pet Tech CPR/First Aid certified.

Call Nanny NoFlea to give your pet an afternoon or mid-day visit to break the boredom of being alone. OUR SPECIAL SERVICE FOR THE WORKING PET PARENT

Call Nanny NoFlea when you have to be away unexpectedly and do not want to take your pet out of his home. 

Call Nanny NoFlea to drop by and look after your pet who has recently had surgery.

Call Nanny NoFlea for wedding and special events you want your pet to be involved in we will transport and pet sit during photo shoots etc. 

Nanny NoFlea will help with light house keeping chores for an affordable price.